By: Misty Kalousek
Technical Writer

Laserfiche Quick Fields is an automated batch capture software that identifies, extracts information from, and stores documents in a repository.

Laserfiche Quick Fields 9 introduced three new processes, one of which was the Token Accumulator process. This process lets you accumulate values from one or more tokens across a range of pages within the same document. These values can then be used in a multi-value token.

For example, Sterling Green Legal Associates creates bills for each client’s legal fees. Each multi-page bill outlines the fees and includes totals at the bottom of every page of the bill. They want the total from each page placed into a multi-value Total field. They could use a Zone OCR process to read the area containing the totals on each page, but using this process alone will only return the last value read (the value on the last page). However, if they use Zone OCR to read the area containing the totals, and add a Token Accumulator process, it will accumulate all the values from that Zone OCR process and place them in the Total multi-value field. Furthermore, a sum Token Function could be used to add the values and place their sum in a Grand Total field.

2014-07-28 - TokenAccumulatorProcess

To learn more about this process, see the Token Accumulator help topic in the Laserfiche Quick Fields help files.

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