One of the new features in Laserfiche 8.3 is the ability to sign and validate documents with digital signatures. The Validate Signatures dialog box in the Laserfiche Client and Web Access gives you the ability to validate all digital signatures from a group of documents at the same time and makes applying and removing digital signatures faster and easier.

Example: An organization uses digital signatures for a review process. At the end of two weeks, the documents that have been reviewed and signed need to be archived. You can look at all the documents at once to see which ones have valid signatures so you know which ones to archive. Having to validate signatures one-by-one would not be very time efficient.

To validate all digital signatures applied to documents in a particular group or folder:

  • Select all documents with digital signatures you want to validate. To select multiple entries, hold CTRL while clicking each entry. You can also select one or more folders to validate their contents’ digital signatures.
  • From the Tasks menu, point to Digital Signatures, then click Validate Signatures. This will open the Validate Signatures dialog box, where you’ll be able to see the total number of documents in the group or folder, the number of signed documents and the number of documents with valid or invalid signatures. In the Laserfiche Client, you can right-click a document in the list to open it, view its metadata or sign it.

2012-02-27 - ValidateSignaturesDialogBox

  • By clicking Save Report, you can generate an HTML or delimited text report with signature details for each signed document.
  • In the Signed tab,you’ll find a list of documents with signatures.
    • Click All, All signatures are valid or With invalid signatures to filter the documents listed.
    • In the Laserfiche Client, you can select a document in the list and click View Signatures to see the signatures applied to that document. From the Signatures dialog box, you can add, validate or remove digital signatures associated with the document.
  • In the Unsigned tab, you’ll find a list of documents without signatures.

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