In the Laserfiche Client, you can view PDF files directly within the Document Viewer or Preview Pane without having to open the PDF in its native application. This allows you to see the PDF file in the same dialog as your document metadata along with any images or text you might have associated with that electronic document. It also allows you to zoom, pan, print or export the PDF, just as you would in Adobe Reader. This pane is read-only; if you want to open and modify the PDF with Adobe Acrobat, you will still need to open it in its native format.

While the Electronic File pane appears similar to the Image pane, it is actually opening the PDF using an Adobe plug-in. It therefore does not include Laserfiche-specific image features, such as annotations or search hit highlighting.

The Electronic File pane will only be available when opening a PDF electronic document pane as pages. It is not available for other electronic document types. It requires that Adobe Reader or the Adobe Internet Explorer plug-in be installed on the Client computer.

To view a PDF electronic file, open the View menu in the Document Viewer, point to Panes and select Electronic File. When selected, the Electronic File Pane will appear in its most recent location. This includes remembering the (primary or secondary) area and dock status that it was previously assigned. For example, if it was closed while it was undocked, it will appear undocked in the same position with the same size.

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