Volume checksums are a new feature in Laserfiche 8.3 that allows you to verify that the contents of your volumes have not been altered outside of Laserfiche. You can use volume checksums to help identify data loss or corruption as well as tampering.

When you enable checksums on a volume, the Laserfiche Server uses an algorithm to create a checksum: a string of information that can be used to compare and detect changes in the volume files. When volume contents (such as images, text pages or electronic files) are modified within Laserfiche, the checksums are updated so that volume contents and checksums continue to match. However, if the volume contents are modified outside Laserfiche—whether accidentally, as with file corruption, or deliberately through tampering—the checksum will no longer match those contents.

When a user opens a document in which the contents differ from the contents the Server expects, they will be presented with a warning. In addition, administrators can verify the contents of an entire volume at once to check for mismatches or other issues. The final checksum report will list any files for which problems have been detected.

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