The Center for Digital Education (CDE) recently published a strategy report titled, Adopting Enterprise Content Management with Shared Services: Helping higher education institutions stay competitive and deliver better results to students and staff.

Center for Digital Education

LeiLani Cathen – Vice President – Center for Digital Education

I invited LeiLani Cauthen, Vice President of CDE, to share her views on why this report is a must-read for leaders within higher education. Here’s what she said:

Expectations for improved online and electronic service delivery are rising throughout all sectors of the higher education landscape. Students, faculty and staff alike are looking for improvements in operational practices that make it easier and faster to find desired information, collaborate with peers and get work done. At the same time, institutions must also deal with ongoing issues like budget cutbacks and staffing freezes.

Shared services provide a way for colleges and universities modernize practices while improving their financial outlook. By offering enterprise content management in the form of shared services, higher education institutions can streamline operations, standardize procedures across departments and make the work of academia more efficient than ever. The benefits of shared services can also extend to unexpected areas, like disaster preparedness and recovery.

This CDE white paper examines the role of shared services in higher education, and how institutions implementing shared services can increase efficiency, improve service delivery to students and staff, and stay competitive in the higher education landscape in the face of ongoing budgetary and administrative challenges.


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