“The advice we give to our new reps starting with Laserfiche is the same as I would recommend for any implementation,” says Fournier.

Start using Laserfiche yesterday. Every day that you hesitate using it is one more day of inefficiency.

Plan accordingly. If you are uncomfortable engineering workflows, hire Laserfiche or work with your reseller. They will guide you effectively to a quicker solution.

Stick with it. Give yourself 60 days to get your sea legs. Once you are there, you will have fully integrated Laserfiche into your business processes and will be very comfortable with it.

Adoption is through your assistants. Reps like Laserfiche, but assistants love it. Get them to buy in and they will drag the reps along with them.

Be flexible. We rolled Laserfiche out as Version 1.0, then Version 2.0. The second version added some additional workflows and in between this upgrade, we made smaller modifications at the recommendation of the assistants. You have to be willing to adjust and listen to good ideas from the field.

Phillip Fournier is the chief administration officer for Spire Investment Partners, LLC, a combination broker/dealer, registered investment advisor, and insurance agency based in McLean, VA. The firm manages several billion dollars in assets and answers to multiple regulatory agencies—including FINRA, the SEC and state insurance regulators.

Read the Spire Investment Partners, LLC case study.

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