Security first, security always

Industry-leading programming practices and powerful compliance tools enable Laserfiche to provide an incredibly secure environment for your documents and data

Enterprise-level availability

Laserfiche Cloud utilizes AWS and leverages its global cloud infrastructure with systems replicated across availability zones

Complete control at scale

Organizational security controls, advanced audit trails and built-in reporting allows you to quickly see who’s accessed content, which lets you scale with peace of mind

“In Laserfiche Cloud, it’s easier for us to determine where requests are in the process at a glance, and the transition itself was fairly easy.”

– Andrew McElrath, strategic project manager at Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures

Enterprise-Level Authentication

Laserfiche Cloud supports customizable authentication features like single sign-on (SSO) with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), native password controls and two-factor authentication for internal and external users.

Industry-Leading Data Encryption

For data in transit over public networks, Laserfiche Cloud uses TLS encryption, and AES-256 encryption is utilized for data-at-rest, including backups.

Architected for Resiliency and Availability

Automated backups are encrypted and secure, while intrusion detection systems monitor for potential intrusions and unauthorized changes.

Secure your Data with Laserfiche Cloud

  • Search, Retrieve and Route

    Quickly locate and route documents and information across your enterprise

  • Connect Your Systems

    Integrate with ERP, CRM, SIS and GIS applications using no-code tools and robotic process automation

  • Reduce Regulatory Risk

    Protect your documents and reduce regulatory risk with WORM-based (write once read many) compliant storage

  • Leverage Powerful Security Tools

    The Laserfiche SOC 2 Type 2 report includes security controls that are aligned with ISO 27001

  • Control Access with Granularity

    Set up and manage security rights from a user-friendly administrative console

  • Execute Digital Signatures

    Use DocuSign® to request digital signatures on your documents

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