Reporting and Analytics

Optimize operations by identifying inefficiencies and hidden opportunities

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Drive Business Innovation

Use analytics, dashboards, and reporting tools to discover what’s holding you back

Support Smarter Decisions

View all information through a customizable web portal.

Gain Insights

View all information through a customizable web portal. Create charts and visualizations that provide data-driven answers to business-critical questions.

Estimate Time To Complete Future Tasks

  • Use predictive analytics to determine which tasks are most likely to be overdue and how long it will take to process each document
  • Plan and build processes proactively, adjusting and shifting resources to respond to market shifts or trends

Identify Inefficiencies and Hidden Opportunities

  • Measure process success with configurable, easy-to-use reports
  • Identify bottlenecks and track improvement over time with customizable dashboards

Keep Work Running Smoothly

  • Have data at your fingertips exactly when you need it by scheduling reports to arrive by email at pre-configured intervals.
  • Monitor employee workloads with intuitive, graphical dashboards
  • Quickly reassign tasks to keep document processing on track

Keep tabs on organization-wide activities and processes

Filter Reports

Easily filter reports by numerous criteria including dates or time periods.

Simplify Report Creation

Create reports quickly with preconfigured templates.

View Information at a Glance

Display information using different graph types such as pie, bar, line and funnel.

Summarize Data

Build summary reports using a number of preset formulas such as sum, average, median, etc.

View Approval History

See the whole process history of a document at a glance, including who approved it, when and how long the approval took.

Share Reports With Others

Quickly share reports with users directly within the software or download results to an Excel or CSV file to share with outside users.

“We had documentation on-time delivery rates in the range of 30-40% before changing our processes with Laserfiche. Now we are proud to say that we have reached 100%.”

—Ivan Fantin, Continuous Improvement Manager, CIRCOR Pibiviesse

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