AMI LogoAMI’s Image Enable Toolbar utilizes the power of “screen scraping”™ to bring click-free searches within Laserfiche from your favorite application. The toolbar floats on top of your desktop and has a number of interface options for ease of use and can support multiple workstations and present search results in the client or web browser within seconds.


A user wants to search documents in Laserfiche from an invoice number in their payroll system. Using a simple hot key, within a matter of seconds, the document for that invoice number is displayed for the user. There is no need to configure the payroll system, or previously launch Laserfiche.


  • Reduce number of clicks for document retrieval.
  • Find engineering documents with one-click.
  • Automatically search AP and AR Invoices in Laserfiche.


  • Easily find documents in Laserfiche from your favorite accounting, manufacturing, or contact management system.
  • Automate searches in Laserfiche using hot keys.
  • Retrieve results in Laserfiche Client or Web Access.
  • Perform a search on full text, folders and fields.
  • Transparent toolbar can be visible or hidden on the system tray.


Product Edition: Laserfiche 7.2, 8.0, 8.1
Languages Supported: English


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American MicroImaging, Inc. (AMI) was founded as a microfilm service bureau in 1968. Under the name of American Micrographics Co., LTD the company grew over the years hand-in-hand with technological advances to meet customer demands. AMI currently stands as one of the strongest document conversion houses in all of Southern California. AMI specializes as a service bureau and as a systems integrator providing uniquely tailored solutions for our clients. We have a high-scale production facility for the document conversion services we offer. A full staff of engineers, technicians, and sales associates are available to help customers configure their desired systems. For this reason, we are able to provide our clients with the truly best solution according to their unique application.

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