AutoStore LogoThrough this integration, a user can walk up to a digital copier, select a document type, and with a single click, scan, index and store documents into Laserfiche.

AutoStore® for Laserfiche provides a secure, real-time solution for capturing paper and digital content from diverse sources such as digital copiers, desktop computers, scanners, MS Office applications and more.

AutoStore’s integration with Laserfiche facilitates information sharing and collaboration by utilizing network-attached copiers and scanners to add paper documents into electronic business processes.

With AutoStore you can ensure compliance and create audit trails by applying mission critical rules to the documents.


  • Secure access to information.
  • Enhanced document retrieval and usability.
  • Faster document retrieval (with full text search capabilities).
  • Increased efficiency (by user-entered or pre-defined indexing of documents before submitting to Laserfiche repository).
  • Increased productivity and lowering costs by minimizing the manual steps.
  • Comprehensive audit trail, document security and compliance requirements are ensured through assigned permissions at the device.
  • Reduced lost or misplaced documents through enforcement of business rules directly from the point of capture.
  • Easy to setup and configure AutoStore workflow via an intuitive GUI.


Component Features

  • Automated document routing into the Laserfiche document management system.
  • Ability to index all pages of document.
  • Ability to add indexing information to the document prior to storage.
  • Ability to tag documents for enhanced security.
  • Automatic page indexing and full text search capability.
  • Ability to route information directly into a folder within Laserfiche repository.
  • On-demand user-defined folder creation within Laserfiche.
  • Ensured document security by configuring username/password.
  • Multitude of document processing features.
  • Support for various file formats.
  • Central management of the business rules.

Technical Background

  • Fully integrated with AutoStore’s framework, enabling capture from any supported device.
  • Supports multiple document process engines such as Barcode Recognition, OCR, ICR and more.
  • Fully integrated with AutoStore’s advance business applications including OpenForms, Accounts Payable and QuickCapture.

Sample Use Cases

  • Use any supported MFP, walk up to the device and scan documents directly into Laserfiche.
  • Use barcodes on invoices so that once scanned, you will no longer need to index such documents manually.
  • Provide profile-based capture workflows to various groups in your organization such that, as an example, HR users are restricted to only scan in HR type records.
  • Setup an e-mail address as a hub to capture documents to Laserfiche. As an example, set up HR@ACME.COM and all resumes sent to this account will be automatically captured, processed and indexed into the HR folder within Laserfiche.

Easy Setup and Centralized Management

Through the use of AutoStore process designer, an IT administrator can define the capture workflow rules by simply dragging and dropping workflow components.


Product Edition: Laserfiche Client 7.x must be installed where the AUTOSTORE Server is installed
Languages Supported: English


  • AUTOSTORE WORKFLOW $3,700 per server
  • SMARTICKETS $8,000 per server


Notable Solutions, Inc. (NSi) is a leading provider of Distributed Content Capture Workflow and Business Automation solutions. NSi’s flagship product, AutoStore, enables users to automate their business processes by capturing paper and electronic documents from a variety of sources, processing them into usable information and storing that information into business applications and databases for fast, easy retrieval and distribution.

AutoStore offers the flexibility to capture and process documents, along with security features that ensure information accuracy and accountability while increasing staff productivity. Through the use of AutoStore, documents can be captured from MFPs/Copiers, desktop applications, e-mails, faxes and many other sources. Once captured they are processed using one of AutoStore’s many advanced process components such as OCR, Barcode recognition or Forms Recognition. Finally documents are indexed and routed directly into the business application or database. All with just a single click.

NSi’s workflow products are adopted by such companies as Canon, HP, Ricoh, Xerox, Kyocera, Sharp and others. AutoStore is used by numerous industries including legal, healthcare, and financial services. NSi’s products enable organizations to reduce costs, increase security, address compliance and add value to their business.

The company’s robust product portfolio includes Fiery® color print servers; SendMe/DocSend document distribution technologies, super wide digital inkjet printers, UV and solvent inks; industrial inkjet printing systems print production workflow and management information software; and corporate printing solutions. EFI maintains 23 offices worldwide.

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