Bridge to Laserfiche® is a convenient on-ramp into Laserfiche’s powerful content and document management solution. Bridge to Laserfiche works with Xerox® ConnectKey® devices to quickly and securely scan and process documents, helping you work smarter and more.

With Ballistic Echo’s Bridge to Laserfiche, documents are scanned and processed quickly and securely with the help of templates and Laserfiche’s support of template field data and tokens. Additional features include the ability to search for files, folders and template field data before previewing and printing the results from any Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled device.


  • Secure login process using SSO or existing credentials to authenticate to Laserfiche® Repository
  • Scan documents directly into Laserfiche®
  • Input template and field data for any document scanned into Laserfiche®
  • Browse files and folders throughout the Laserfiche® Repository
  • Search based on file name, folder name and field data
  • Print supported documents from Laserfiche®



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Product Version Number: 1.0

Languages Supported: English, French and Spanish (additional languages will be supported, as needed)

Required Laserfiche Products: Laserfiche Document Management System


1 year: $199
2 years: $359 (10%)
3 years: $499 (16%)

Volume licensing is available. Please contact or call 403-536-7446 x120



Ballistic Echo Software Inc. is a bespoke software development firm with a special focus on delivering apps for Xerox® ConnectKey® devices. We design, develop and support multiple Xerox-branded apps and have just launched the Ballistic Echo Bridge to Laserfiche®, a convenient on-ramp into Laserfiche’s powerful content and document management solution.

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403-536-7446 x120

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