Continental IT LogoBarcode for Workflow is a custom Workflow Activity that adds DATAMATRIX Barcodes onto PDF files.  Create outbound documents with your own reference numbers.

The CIT BrainTrust Labs has created a custom Laserfiche Workflow Activity that can add a dynamically generated DATAMATRIX Barcode directly onto a PDF.

The Custom Activity will appear right in your Laserfiche Workflow Toolbox and is simple to configure. Just;
* hand it a PDF
* tell it where you want the code on the page to appear
* provide a barcode value or Laserfiche Token
* select what page number or all pages
* and where you want it to land in Laserfiche when it’s done

That’s it. Create outbound documents with your own reference numbers. These 2D Barcodes work with Laserfiche Quick Fields and hand-held readers can even scan these from a monitor.



Datamatrix Barcode Writer For Laserfiche Workflow
Other Barcode types could be incorporated for an additional fee

Requirements:  Laserfiche Workflow
Limitations:       ½ Inch Square Datamatrix barcode (17 characters starts to get a little dense for 1/2)
Run Rate:           Approximately 3 PDF’s per second(33kb file) Results will vary based on your system


Languages Supported: English
Required Laserfiche Products: Laserfiche Workflow




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Pat McNickle



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