Bluelake Software LogoBluelake’s Kofax to Laserfiche Export connector provides real-time release of documents from Kofax Capture into Laserfiche. It is intended for environments where a live connection to Laserfiche is available from the Kofax Release workstation(s).

(For importing documents captured without a live connection to Laserfiche, such as in a service bureau scenario, please see our Bluelake Laserfiche Import product.)

Point and click configuration includes mapping between Kofax Index Fields and Laserfiche Template fields, (optional) specification of meta data values to use for document or folder naming as documents are pushed to Laserfiche, and forwarding Kofax OCR or requesting OCR of document by Laserfiche’s OCR engine.


  • Point and click configuration.
  • Auto name and auto create folders and documents based on meta data values.
  • Simultaneously release meta data to flat file or ODBC data source for third party system notification/integration.
  • Supports multi-valued fields in Laserfiche (Table fields from Kofax).
  • Supports importing Kofax OCR or triggering Laserfiche OCR during export.
  • Available for 30 day evaluation download (see our website for download).


Product Version: 8.3
Required Laserfiche Products:

  • Laserfiche version 7.2 or above, including 8.x
  • Kofax Ascent Capture versions 5.x and above
  • Kofax Capture versions 8.x and above (incl 9.x)
  • Kofax KTM

Languages Supported: English


  • Standard Export/Release Script – Single Station: $1,500.
  • Limited Volume Version for Kofax 60K/mo Standalone: $750.


Founded in 1997, Bluelake Software has been a system integrator and valued added reseller for Laserfiche since 2000, specializing in some of the more “challenging” deployments and in integrating Laserfiche with existing line of business applications. We also produce and distribute a variety of document capture-related tools to customers and resellers on a worldwide basis.

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