The CardConnect Credit Card Processing Payments integration with Laserfiche creates a seamless payment experience in your Laserfiche. This out-of-the-box credit card processing solution enables service charge capabilities, enhanced security with tokenization, ACH, real time reporting, trackability and PCI Compliance simplification. Card not present transactions can be made on a form and card present transactions can be made through several integrated terminal devices.


This CardConnect Credit Card Processing integration for Laserfiche enables for payment method intake for items like licenses, permits, taxes, services, merchandise and anything else you can think of. Once a payment is made, we enable the preservation of a secure payment token, allowing for a monthly or annual recurring payment through Laserfiche workflow.




Product Release Date: 1/31/2020

Product Version Number: 5.0

Languages Supported: English

Required Laserfiche Products: Laserfiche Forms 9.1 or later, Laserfiche Workflow 9.0 or later, Laserfiche Server 9.0 or later.


  • No upfront cost. Typically included with your merchant agreement.


CardConnect is a payments platform provided by Fiserv, developed to help businesses of all sizes grow through the seamless integration of secure payment processing.
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Mike Paris


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