Cerenade LogoCerenade’s Visual e-Forms family of products enable users to create and manage user-friendly and WYSIWYG electronic forms and easily integrate these forms into a Laserfiche environment.

Cerenade Forms Server is a web portal for publishing Cerenade forms to the web.

Cerenade Filler is a client-side application that provides users with the ability to Fill, Save, Print, Spell-check, add annotations, e-mail, Submit and Save to Laserfiche. Cerenade Filler runs on-line as well as off-line. The “Save to Laserfiche” option saves the form inside Laserfiche for further processing by Laserfiche. Cerenade filler is FREE for all users.

Cerenade eConnector for Laserfiche is an optional application that generates a Laserfiche template every time a user submits a form to be saved into Laserfiche via Cerenade Filler. Cerenade Connector for Laserfiche is a .NET Service that monitors and processes a repository of forms to be saved.

Cerenade Designer is a Windows desktop, GUI application used to create and maintain electronic forms.


Fill, annotate, sign, e-mail and save electronic forms to your hard disk or to Laserfiche.

Client-side filler is FREE and supports Windows OS, Mac OS, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape and Safari browsers.


Product Edition: Laserfiche Server 7.x, 8.x for Laserfiche Avante, Laserfiche Rio and Classic
Languages Supported: Forms can be designed in any language supported by Windows OS


  • Forms Server – $10,000 per server + $500 per form
  • Forms Designer – $950 each
  • Forms Filler – FREE
  • eConnector for Laserfiche – $5,000 per server


Los Angeles-based Cerenade is the leading software developer providing integrated electronic forms management technology and solutions that streamlines inefficient forms processing solutions and outdated paper systems and offers a fully integrated solution for small business and enterprise environments.

Cerenade’s WYSIWYG solutions are recognized for their rapid return-on-investment and aggressive migration and deployment capabilities.

Customers include 3M, US Department of State, Amerada Hess, Shell, Manitoba Hydro, North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, Pinnacle West, and US Department of Energy.

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