CityView LogoLocal Government Building, Licensing, Inspections, Public Works and other departments use CityView solutions to reduce customer call volume, shorten issuance times, increase citizen self-service, increase inspector productivity, and reduce paper and manual processes.


CityView is an out-of-the-box software solution that includes the workflow, reports and automation you need to manage Property Information, Permits and Inspections, Planning, Electronic Plans Review, Code/Bylaw Enforcement, Licensing, Animal Licensing, Rental Housing, Service Requests, Marriage & Death Registration, Cemetery Management, Parking Management, and Cashiering.

  • Browser based, configurable, fully integrated, workflow-based business applications leveraging core technologies and employing multiple frameworks for interfacing with third party applications
  • Enterprise ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online integration
  • Browser-agnostic interface for constituent and field access, for maximum reach and accessibility


Product Edition:

  • Laserfiche Web Access 9 or 10
  • Laserfiche Weblink client for integration to CityView Portal

Languages Supported: English


Please contact a CityView representative for pricing.


Since 1982, CityView has focused on creating and implementing land and records management and enforcement software for local governments in North America. In fact, CityView was created by former public sector employees who instilled their first-hand experience of local government needs and challenges into the software they built and the company culture they fostered. Even today,

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