This Velosimo off the shelf connector is explicitly built to the government use cases involving the Accela Civic Platform and Laserfiche’s concurrent use. The easy, no-code administrative interface provides quick setup and updates to field mappings and other settings and deep insight into all interactive transactions between the two products.

With Velosimo, agencies have peace of mind in predicable and foolproof interoperability of their systems, including smart recovery from connected systems outages and continuity through future systems upgrades. Our no-code connectors are designed for ease of use and help agencies deliver a connected and uninterrupted experience for staff and citizens.


  • Agency staff and citizens using the Accela Civic Platform, Accela Citizen Access, or any of the Accela Mobile Apps, go about their typical use cases while their documents are automatically placed and retrieved from Laserfiche.
  • Agency staff using Laserfiche can search and retrieve documents originating from the Civic Platform, using agency-specific meta-data criteria.
  • Agency staff can bulk load documents into the Civic Platform with high-speed scanners to Laserfiche, with automated Civic Platform record association and metadata population.
  • Advanced version provides the ability to migrate Civic Platform documents from ADS to Laserfiche while retaining associations.
  • Metadata mapping from the Civic Platform fields to Laserfiche templates and fields.
  • Auto data update of Laserfiche metadata when changed in the Civic Platform.
  • Includes ongoing support for future versions of Laserfiche and the Civic Platform.
  • Supports connected products, on-premise, cloud, and hybrid.


Product Release Date: 11/1/2018
Product Edition: V.3.0
Languages Supported:
Required Laserfiche Products: Laserfiche 10.3 Server or greater and Laserfiche Keyed Integrator License


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Velosimo Connect is a cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) specific to government software and use, connecting software systems quickly and seamlessly. We provide off-the-shelf, no-code, purpose-built connectors for the explicit use and interoperability of two solutions, delivering predictable, consistent, and foolproof interoperability.

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