General Features of DoubleYard’s DeepRead Technology Family

The DeepRead suite (DeepRead Forms, DeepRead Free Form and DeepRead Extract) provides you with multiple solutions that can cater to a wide range of needs. From templated solutions to unstructured data capture, DeepRead is able to capture data from popular digitally native formats (PDF, PNG, TIFF, and more).

Easily run the DeepRead technology in the Cloud or on On-Premises and rest assured that your data is always safe with us. We adhere to industry gold standards and practices to ensure that your data is secure, at all times.

The DeepRead technology family provides highly accurate data extraction through our enhanced post-processing capabilities, allowing you to extract valuable information from poorly scanned or handwritten documents.

Make sense of your extracted data and take a step further by accessing DeepRead from Laserfiche using our API connectors.


DeepRead Forms

Using People for Manual Data Entry is Expensive. Stop Wasting Time and Resources. Automate and Move On!

DeepRead Forms is an AI ICR/OCR templating solution that recognizes handwritten and machine-printed text in forms, applications and other structured documents.

  • Web GUI for template library, file processing and correction of output
  • API provides easy configuration of the integration from Laserfiche
  • Deploy on AWS, Azure or Docker containers for security compliance

DoubleYard DeepRead Screenshot


DeepRead Free Form

Capture All Of The Handwriting and Printed Text, and Figure Out What You Need Later.

DeepRead Free Form captures all of the text and handwriting in unstructured documents, like invoices and receipts.

  • Index or classify the document, or extract data with a 3rd party solution.
  • Deploy on-premise or cloud (AWS, Azure and Docker)
  • Integration via REST API

DoubleYard DeepRead Free Form Screenshot


DeepRead Extract

Find What You Need, Even When You Don’t Know Where to Find It.

DeepRead Extract combines the targeted capture of a template with AI to automatically extract important data in invoices, receipts, and more. It analyzes the document’s structure and leverages user-defined targets, question/answer pairs and use-case specific custom models.


DoubleYard DeepRead Extract Screenshot




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Release Dates/Versions
DeepRead Forms: 22.01.02
DeepRead Free Form: 21.10.01
Languages Supported:
English, Japanese, Thai, Bahasa. Print Only: Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese
Required Laserfiche Products: Configured to work with all Laserfiche products

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About DoubleYard

DoubleYard is an AI ICR/OCR technology company. The DoubleYard DeepRead solutions portfolio represents an array of AI-based technology that allows for the digitization of not only printed text, but also handwritten content. The DeepRead solutions can recognize structured, unstructured and targeted content at accuracy rates exceeding 90%.



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