The ViewSign Live eSigning toolkit facilitates the in-person signing of forms by enabling ViewSonic’s signature pads and pen displays to be used with Laserfiche. When you present a Laserfiche form for review and completion, if it requires a signature, we allow you to embed a signature field compatible with our hardware devices. As soon as a signature action is initiated, a signature box is presented on the ViewSonic signature pad or pen display. The signer signs with our pen directly on the device screen, which captures a high-quality handwritten biometric electronic signature. That signature is then embedded in the form.

Utilizing handwritten electronic signatures increases efficiency by maintaining fully digital workflows while capturing a signer’s personal acknowledgement or consent.


  • Utilize ViewSonic signature pads and pen displays for in-person signing in Laserfiche environment.
  • Capture handwritten signatures in Laserfiche forms
  • Allows easy placement of a ViewSign signature field to form
  • Capture biometric signature data and embed with the signature
  • Signature saved alongside the form
  • Utilizes ViewSonic’s SigSDK and web signing service, plus our exported Hardware Signing business process XML



Product Release Date: 2/1/2021
Product Edition: V1.0
Languages Supported:
Required Laserfiche Products: Laserfiche Cloud Professional or Business or Laserfiche Subscription, Rio or Avante with Forms



Please contact ViewSonic for pricing.



ViewSonic offers a broad portfolio of hardware and software to enable the review and signing of digital documents and agreements.

By supporting both in-person and remote signing, we enable businesses to choose the best way for them to securely complete their critical, high-value transactions – ensuring an effective and efficient workflow.



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