If your Laserfiche workflow requires that documents be sent out to remote recipients for signing, the ViewSign Remote eSigning integration provides a powerful and flexible way to do this. Laserfiche users can send out PDF documents for remote signing by leveraging the power of ViewSonic’s digital transaction management solution – ViewSign Cloud. Sending documents for signature can be initiated from Laserfiche workflow.

Template documents can be stored within ViewSign Cloud. Laserfiche gathers signer-relevant data – signer data is used to create a document based on the template(s). Programmatically, the signature workflow can be initiated by the sender.

ViewSign Cloud manages the actual signing process – collecting signatures on PDF documents from remote parties. Email notification is sent to signer. By clicking on the included link, the signer gains access to the documents to be reviewed and signed. The documents can be signed on any PC or mobile device. Legally binding signatures are collected and applied to the document. ViewSign Cloud provides different options for signing including click-to-sign, type-to-sign, draw-to-sign. And unique to ViewSign Cloud, users have the option to provide a handwritten electronic signature using ViewSonic signature pads or pen displays. After the document is signed it is routed back to the sender.

The standard REST API implementation of ViewSign Cloud offers flexibility for enterprises or solution providers to customize how they want to use the platform. For example, once the document is signed, you can programmatically define that those documents be pulled back into Laserfiche for archival.


  • Legally-binding signatures
  • Audit trail for signed documents
  • Multiple options for signer to sign document
  • Securely attach signature to document to avoid tampering with the document after it has been signed.
  • Customizable based on needs of workflow with standard REST API



Product Release Date: 2/1/2021
Product Edition: V1.0
Languages Supported:
Required Laserfiche Products: Laserfiche Cloud Professional or Business or Laserfiche Subscription, Rio or Avante with Workflow



Please contact ViewSonic for pricing.



ViewSonic offers a broad portfolio of hardware and software to enable the review and signing of digital documents and agreements.

By supporting both in-person and remote signing, we enable businesses to choose the best way for them to securely complete their critical, high-value transactions – ensuring an effective and efficient workflow.



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