DocuNav LogoDocuNav AutoImport automates the document indexing and importing processing, eliminating errors and costs associated with manual data entry and filing. AutoImport reads barcodes from documents and automatically inputs these values to template fields, folders, and/or document names while importing into Laserfiche.

AutoImport can also streamline batch scanning. Using barcode slip-sheet or sticker/label technology, AutoImport delimits batches into separate documents for faster processing and scanning. In addition, AutoImport can monitor any number of network or FTP folders and import documents into corresponding Laserfiche folders automatically at configurable frequency.

AutoImport is commonly used to automatically import documents from various multi-function copiers or fax equipment across the enterprise, leveraging customer’s existing hardware. Once the document is scanned and placed within a network folder, AutoImport sweeps the specified directory folders and imports the files into the Laserfiche repository.

What’s more, AutoImport has built-in quality control tools to ensure documents are processed correctly. An optional report function allows IT to receive email notices when uploads have not completed properly, ensuring every page makes it to the server. Additionally, AutoImport can further enhance business process by kicking off Laserfiche Workflow rules.


  • Automates Document Indexing and Filing
  • Time Saving Automation Tool for Importing Documents
  • Eliminates Manual Data Entry Costs
  • Enhances Quality Assurance and Quality Control Processes
  • Imports Documents into Laserfiche from FTP or HTTP sites
  • Imports Documents into Laserfiche from a Hard Drive or via LAN/WAN Connection
  • Imports Documents into Laserfiche from Multiple Folder Directories
  • Imports Documents into Laserfiche from Multi-Function Copiers or Fax Equipment/Software
  • Delimits batches into separate documents while using Barcode Slip-Sheet and Label/Sticker Technology
  • Compatible with Any Barcode Software that Creates 3×9 Type Barcodes
  • Reads Barcodes from Documents and Maps These Values to Template Fields, Folders, and Document Names while Importing into Laserfiche
  • Allows Document Names to be Customized
  • Can Kick-Off Laserfiche Workflow Processes
  • Configuration Utility Allows Administrators to Easily Create, Edit, and Delete Rules and Rule Series
  • Multiple Import Rules Can Be Created for Various Departments as well as Multi-Function Copiers or Fax Equipment
  • Built-In Scheduler to Control at What Time and What Frequency to Run
  • Optional Report Function allows IT to Receive Email Notices When Uploads Have Not Completed Properly


Product Edition: Compatible with Laserfiche 6,7.2, 8.x.
Languages Supported: English


Call DocuNav Solutions for pricing. AutoImport is a per database license and requires a service account (meaning a named full user Laserfiche license to support AutoImport). Laserfiche licensing must meet Laserfiche licensing requirements.


V.P. Imaging, Inc.’s (DBA – DocuNav Solutions) corporate offices are located in Frisco, Texas. Cody and Nadine Bettis head up the company, and have remained actively involved since the company’s establishment in 1997. DocuNav Solutions is a full-service provider and supports several verticals, such as government, education, financial services, health care, etc. DocuNav has provided many customers with assistance in converting paper processes into efficient paperless solutions. Additionally, DocuNav is the developer of the DocuNav and Realforms software solutions and offers certified software integrations as well custom links and applications.

DocuNav recognizes that each company is unique, and many customers require a seamless integration with existing programs and databases they maintain. This inspiration led DocuNav to develop an extensive product line of in-house developed automation tools, further simplifying business processes. While Laserfiche’s document management solution offers a robust infrastructure to enable enterprise-wide electronic information management, DocuNav’s automation tools offer the perfect compliment to Laserfiche, truly creating a “complete” paperless office.

The easy to use DocuNav products offer out-of-the-box integration capabilities and are used to integrate Laserfiche to any existing application, allowing you to extend the user functionality of Laserfiche. DocuNav’s products streamline Laserfiche’s deployment and integration by: automating filing and indexing processes; enabling interfaces to Laserfiche from GIS applications, ERP systems, human resources applications, financial management systems, and state databases; etc. DocuNav’s technical/support team has more than 35 years’ experience and is comprised of senior developers, senior and intermediate technical analysts, as well as Laserfiche subject matter experts. So you can rest assured, DocuNav’s technical/support team has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in the configuration, support, and maintenance of DocuNav’s automation tools.

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