The DocuSign® Integration by CDI provides organizations with a simple way to sign and send documents for signature without disrupting existing processes. Coupled with Laserfiche Workflow, the integration can significantly improve efficiency in signature processes.

The DocuSign® Integration by CDI allows users to easily send documents stored in a Laserfiche repository out for signature through DocuSign®. Users will be able to open documents from Laserfiche in the DocuSign interface, place recipient specific tags (such as signature/initial boxes) in documents, and email them from DocuSign accordingly.

After sending, the recipients will be notified by DocuSign® of the signature requirements via email.  The original document will remain in DocuSign®, with the appropriate metadata applied as the document progresses through the DocuSign® signature process.

The DocuSign® Integration includes two applications to configure with Laserfiche; the Connect Listener and the DocuSign® Client Integration. In order for the Connect Listener to function, there must be a web server available in-house to host the Integration. This web server requires an external IP address so that DocuSign® can send status notifications. Another requirement of the Connect Listener includes purchasing a Single-Name SSL Certificate to provide encryption and authentication for the Integration.

With the DocuSign® Client Integration, it allows a user to connect to DocuSign® within the Laserfiche Client. Users will be able to send a document to DocuSign through clicking on the Integration icon in Laserfiche.

DocuSign Client Integration Icon (1)


The DocuSign® Integration by CDI allows Laserfiche users to:

  • Easily incorporate signature processes as part of an internal process/workflow.
  • Open documents in the DocuSign® editor from Laserfiche.
  • Send documents to one person or to one or more recipients for signature.
  • Have returned, signed documents automatically archived in Laserfiche, linked to and stored in the same location with the original document.


Product Edition: V.2.1.0

Languages Supported: English

Required Laserfiche Products:

  • Laserfiche Server 9.0 or higher
  • Laserfiche Client 9.0 or higher
  • A Laserfiche Named User License is required.


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DocuSign® Integration by CDI

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