Easy NX Connect for Laserfiche is a convenient software license that enables organizations to scan directly to Laserfiche via a quick tap and scan. Easy NX Connect for Laserfiche includes NFC authentication and direct integration into Laserfiche’s Enterprise Content Management platform. In conjunction with the FUJITSU fi-7300NX with NX Manager document scanner, it becomes a simple on-ramp to digital transformation.

With Easy NX Connect for Laserfiche, organizations can:

  1. Scan directly into Laserfiche
  2. Eliminate the burden of paper
  3. Automate processes that where once manual
  4. Speed up business workflows
  5. Empower knowledge workers


Laserfiche integration features include:

  1. Quickly and directly log into Laserfiche using NFC Card or Username/Password login
  2. Select your Laserfiche templates, configured per user, and metadata entry from scanner
  3. Simplified one push scanning into automated workflows and data extraction
  4. Standardized file naming and folder structure



Product Version Number: 1.20

Languages Supported: English


  • $1,395 MSRP for the FUJITSU fi-7300NX Scanner, please contact Fujitsu for pricing of the Easy NX Connect for Laserfiche.


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Laeres ‘Lars’ Patton: lpatton.pfu@fujitsu.com

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