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EzeScan has been providing advanced batch scanning solutions to its document management clients since 2002. With native Laserfiche integration, EzeScan enables both documents & emails to be seamlessly scanned and registered into Laserfiche all without the need for additional scripting. EzeScan works with Laserfiche on-premises and Laserfiche cloud solutions.

EzeScan delivers “out of the box” Laserfiche integration via any TWAIN or ISIS scanner, or MFD (multi-function device) to provide an effective way to batch scan documents, forms, emails and invoices directly into Laserfiche. EzeScan can also provide a combination of solutions to suit your needs: – as a personal workstation solution, with a single scanner and desktop – as a workgroup environment, using separate scanning and indexing workstations – as an enterprise server solution, where a number of input devices can be monitored for upload of images and metadata to various output systems including Laserfiche. – as a HTML5 Web App with functionality for mobile users to upload, index, approve images or workflows directly into Laserfiche, both on premises or cloud versions. Simplified back scanning solutions EzeScan is easily customizable to streamline your back scanning. Use any TWAIN/ISIS compliant scanner to scan your documents as high quality, crystal clear images. Using the OCR/Upload component running on EzeScan SERVER, your indexing task can run uninterrupted in the background while your operators can continue scanning the next batch of documents. Application and Survey forms data extraction Eliminate the manual task of indexing form data by using EzeScan to automate the process. EzeScan provides a speedy interface to automate the extraction of data, including hand writing (ICR), allow verification and output the data in a range of file formats or upload it into many common databases. Use EzeScan’s simple tools to define templates,data extraction zones and workflow rules as an out of the box solution. Mailroom and Correspondence automation Use the simple EzeScan interface and a high speed TWAIN/ISIS compliant scanner to rapidly acquire high quality scanned images. Eliminate scanning bottlenecks by spreading the process across multiple computers and operators. Customize your indexing profiles for different document types. Documents and data can be output to many common EDRM systems, databases or network locations. Email Capture front page when processing email list

EzeScan Email Record Capture (ERC) EzeScan Email Record Capture (ERC) is an optional EzeScan module which can be added to both desktop and server configurations for operator assisted or automated email capture workflows. Unlike other email capture products ERC addresses the needs of Records Professionals by providing batch processing and power indexing capabilities with seamless integration to all EzeScan supported EDRM systems. Highly integrated with EDRMS imaging systems EzeScan integrates with line of business systems, allowing scanning at high speed using a TWAIN/ISIS compliant scanner and delivering your documents as high quality, crystal clear images into the EzeScan indexing interface. Indexing allows the operator to extract document metadata, browse and save the document to the correct Folder location. Invoice Processing solutions EzeScan uses smart OCR to intelligently find and extract invoice data automatically. The operator can then review the data extracted from the invoice and correct any exceptions. Your invoice data including line items can then be uploaded directly into your document management system, exported to a customizable data file, or uploaded into a database for your finance system to process Line Item Processing screen shot


Automate – making a hard job easy! Capture/Scanning tends to consist of fairly repetitive tasks. Those tasks include batch document preparation, scanning, QA, indexing, storing documents. EzeScan can be used to create simple jobs to process these tasks. Those jobs are presented in a ‘Job Button’ interface, which makes it easy to run jobs over and over again. Main Job Button Page

Optimal document quality is enhanced through the use of automated image enhancements like deskew, despeckle, crop, erase, delete blank pages, auto rotate. Using these features, helps to reduce the need for excessive quality assurance, which therefore eliminates the need to re-scan poor quality documents. Use recognition engines (OCR, ICR, BCR, OMR, MICR) to build highly automated data capture workflows. Advanced OCR features allow you to extract handwriting from boxed forms or to extract line information from your invoices for upload into your line of business systems Apply strict data verification rules to all field data thereby ensuring good quality data is captured. Utilize ODBC look-ups to further validate metadata against legacy systems. The ‘automation’ options ensure that documents are processed efficiently, with little or no human intervention.


Works with Laserfiche Server 9.0 or later. The Laserfiche SDK runtime must be installed on the EzeScan workstation. The version of the runtime should match that of the Laserfiche Server (i.e. SDK run time 9.0 for Laserfiche 9.0 Server or SDK run time 10.x for Laserfiche 10.x). If the run time is not installed an error message will display when attempting to use the EzeScan integration.


Please contact for pricing. A free evaluation copy of EzeScan copy of EzeScan is available for use by registering on the EzeScan website homepage (use the ‘Register’ button in the top right hand corner). Once authorized, you will then have access to our download page which also includes sample Laserfiche jobs for easy setup and testing. On-line support and Web Ex’s are also available to users to show you how the product works and to answer any questions you might have.


Outback Imaging is a research and development company specializing in advanced capture. EzeScan is Outback Imaging’s flagship capture product suite. Our products enable clients to substantially reduce the cost of deploying capture processing solutions for unstructured, semi structured and structured (forms based) hardcopy/electronic documents and emails.

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