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EzeScan SERVER provides highly automated document digitization functionality for both your workgroup and workflow document processing requirements including Image Enhancement, File Conversion, OCR / Text Searchable PDF/A, Data Capture, Document Routing. EzeScan’s server product allows users to configure powerful bots to perform automated tasks that run 24/7 in the background with no human interaction.

As an enterprise digitization platform EzeScan SERVER can align your business processes and satisfy your standards, governance, and compliance requirements. With one product you can unify the capabilities of all your capture devices with your business needs whilst at the same time making it effortless for your staff to capture and process documents with a direct 2 way integration to Laserfiche.

EzeScan SERVER watches for incoming documents from multiple sources, e.g. network folders, email mailboxes, FTP Servers or EzeScan WebApps. When a document arrives, EzeScan SERVER can detect barcodes or import metadata information and process and route the document accordingly. EzeScan SERVER can upload the document and metadata directly into Laserfiche or simply store documents in a network folder or forward them via email.

Multi-function devices or dedicated desktop scanners can be used to provide documents to EzeScan SERVER for processing. Depending on the device functionality, the operator can add metadata at the time of scanning or utilise the optional EzeScan Remote Indexing Assistant (RIA) WebApp. EzeScan SERVER can use this metadata to populate fields in the Laserfiche or server location.

Documents can be processed individually or in batches, giving your organization a cost effective and flexible decentralized capture solution. In centralized production workflows, EzeScan SERVER can be utilised for background OCR processing, PDF/A conversion and upload. Production operators can also route to other users via the optional EzeScan workstations or Remote Indexing Assistant (RIA) WebApp for staff to contribute to the indexing workflow.



EzeScan’s native Laserfiche integration supports many advanced features including:

  • Auto filing using barcodes directly into Laserfiche
  • Save documents into Repository folders, or Record Series folders
  • Automatically create Folder structure when uploading documents
  • Automatically assign Template Fields and Tags when uploading documents.

Batch Detection Features

  • Separator Pages (i.e. white or black)
  • Fixed Page Count
  • Barcode
  • Intelligent Document Recognition
  • Email import
  • File import Separation

Enhancement Features

  • Crop Border
  • Deskew
  • Despeckle 1×1
  • Despeckle 3×3
  • Delete Blank Pages
  • Remove Extra Separators
  • Rotate Using BCR or OCR
  • Discard First Page

Output features

  • Group 4 TIF
  • Image Only PDF
  • Text Searchable PDF
  • PDF/A-1a (Image + Text Searchable)
  • PDF/A-1b (Image Only)
  • directory
  • Email Address
  • FTP Server
  • Fax Number (requires Winfax Pro)
  • Printer
  • INDEX module

Output via out upload module with direct integration into all versions of Laserfiche



  • Microsoft Windows Server operating systems that support Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.7.1 and above
  • Ability to support both 32 or 64 bit architecture
  • Simple installation process (MSI)
  • Minimal training required to operate




Version: 5

Language: English

Required Laserfiche Products: Works with Laserfiche Cloud and Laserfiche Server 9.0 or later using the Laserfiche SDK runtime installed on the EzeScan workstation. For self-hosted Laserfiche Server, the version of the Laserfiche Server should be higher than the version of the workstation’s SDK runtime.



Concurrent or Named Licensing, limited or unlimited throughput allowances available. Annual Subscription/Cloud Options are also available.

Please contact for us for more information.



EzeScan gives Laserfiche users the most efficient and cost effective way to batch capture and process emails, forms, documents and invoices into Laserfiche. EzeScan gives you numerous ways to tackle those hard capture issues that come across your desk daily, with a “one click” button process from any MFD/copier, input folder, email or desktop scanner.


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