STGP LogoFast Folders is designed for any application that has to rapidly set up a complex folder structure such as a patient record, a personal file, a financial client folder or an insurance client folder. There is no limit to the number of folders and documents that can be set up. Once the structure is set up in the repository, products such as QuickFields can be used to populate the information.

Fast Folders has two modules, the Client and the Builder. The Builder is used to build the .XML profiles that are read by the Client. The Builder is a GUI interface that interacts with the existing repository and template structure. Once proficient, profiles can be built in a very short time and value priced accordingly for the productive time they save. A typical complex patient profile can take between 30 and 60 minutes to set up where Fast Folders can do it in 1-5 seconds with no errors. The strongest capability of Fast Folders is being able to read a .csv or .txt file which means an entire repository structure for a company can be set up in minutes using information from their existing databases.


  • Sets up large complex folder structures instantly.
  • Easy data entry by people with minimal training.
  • Easy to use/intuitive folder structure builder module.
  • Profiles are written in .XML making modifications easy through standard editing tools.
  • Input from an input file (.csv or .txt) which means Fast Folders can be fed from existing databases.
  • Value added productivity tool which gives VARs profitable margins by generating profiles.


Product Edition:

  • Laserfiche Client and Server
  • FastFolders is often used as a front end to Quickfields

Languages Supported: English


  • Fast Folders Client – $1,000
  • Fast Folders Builder – $2,000
  • Site License with Unlimited Clients and Builders – $5,000

Support is 20% of price. VAR pricing available.


Southern Technology Group is a full service integration solutions provider offering our clients document management solutions, consulting, service and complete implementation and training on all solutions we provide. Our service is consistently ranked among the best in the industry. Our goal is consistently happy clients and long term relationships with those whom we serve.

We have been providing Laserfiche Document Management solutions since 1998 and have established a worldwide reputation with our technical, management and service skills in helping others be more productive with Laserfiche. Regardless of the size of the project, the appropriate implementation methodology skills are applied to give our clients the assurance that their requirements will be met.

STG is very skilled with legacy conversions. Vendors go out of business and companies outgrown older systems. When this happens some find themselves with a major investment in their data and no way to retrieve it. We can solve this problem. We have most of the old legacy hardware at our facility and the skills to read many of the proprietary formats these systems used.

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