The iCompass paperless Meeting Management Solution significantly reduces the time, stress and costs associated with running a local government. From tracking reports to creating an agenda packet Clerks have complete control managing all of the moving parts efficiently at the same time.

The iCompass Meeting Management Solution reduces the amount of time it takes to produce an agenda by days in some cases. Customers have reported saving anywhere from $10,000 – $90,000 in paper and staffing related expenses annually.

Completed agendas can be published with one click to the web and to our AgendaNotes application for review and annotation by Council and other key stakeholders on
the iPad or PC.


  • One click exporting of all iCompass Meeting Related Documents to the Laserfiche Document Management System
  • Attach Laserfiche stored documents to Agenda and Action Tracking Items
  • Publish Laserfiche stored meeting documents to your website for public consumption



Product Version Number – 7.1 through 8

English and French languages

Requires Laserfiche 8 or higher


Contact for Pricing


For nearly 15 years iCompass has designed Meeting Management and Citizen Engagement Solutions for local governments of any size. Our number one guiding principle is to listen to our users – through a Customer Advisory Board, Annual User Conferences and collaboration with our industry leading Customer Success Team. Our solutions are developed and refined based on customer feedback and a bounty of industry expertise from years of experience in the United States and Canada. What you get is cloud-based software that delivers big city style meeting and citizen engagement processes in an affordable and easy to understand package.

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