Southern Technology Group (STG) has developed a digital signature integration using Laserfiche Workflow scripts and InsureSign®. InsureSign® by Formstack allows your organization to sign documents with a legally binding eSignature. This integration will allow your organization to send documents directly from your Laserfiche repository to InsureSign® for signature without interrupting day-to-day business processes.

Once a document has been sent from your Laserfiche repository, the clients will receive an email from InsureSign® advising them that a document needs their review and signature. The signature process is easy straightforward; simply click on the link and approve or deny the signature to the document. With this information delivered back to the STG workflow activity, your workflow can make any number of decisions as how to proceed.

A typical InsureSign business process would consist of four Laserfiche workflows; two of these contain the use of two different STG workflow activities.

  1. Initiating Document: Retrieves the document that is to be signed from the
    Laserfiche repository. No custom scripting required.
  2. InsureSign® Document Upload: Sends the document to the InsureSign® server.
    This requires the STG workflow activity whose functions include sending
    document to the cloud, all characteristics of a signature (ex. size and
    location), recipient’s name and email address locations, plus managing the
    status of the process.
  3. Check for Signed Document: Check to see if there are signed documents
    available to be downloaded. This is the second STG workflow activity.
  4. Download Document: Brings the document back into the Laserfiche repository
    and requires no custom scripting


  1. Signs documents directly from the LF repository.
  2. Uses a legally binding eSignature.
  3. Returns documents to LF repository upon acceptance or denial.
  4. In the form of LF Workflow custom activities so can easily be ddropped into any workflow.
  5. Complete solution including up and download, status checking and signature definition.



Product Version Number: 2.0

Languages Supported: English

Required Laserfiche Products: Laserfiche Workflow


  • Integration: $1200
  • Per-signature cost is dependent on eSignature plan.


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