IRISXtract™ is an innovative document capture platform powered by an AI-based document classification engine. It’s data extraction approach is based on a free-form (template free), and full-text approach allowing IRISXtract™ to understand a document the same way a human would (including documents it has not seen before).

With its dedicated connector IRISConnect™ for Laserfiche®, IRISXtract™ will improve your current process of onboarding and routing documents, extracting key data accurately into Laserfiche®.
Connector specifics:
  • OnPrem & Cloud Connections
  • Folder/File Naming
  • Field Mappings
  • Write Metadata to any pre-existing Template
  • Create files using overwrite options
  • PDF creation comes with all Standard PDF options or Compressed PDF
  • Modular Workflow Entry Design
  • Intelli-Tags
  • Email Attachment separation


  • Multi-Channel import of all types of documents: paper, electronic, e-mail in different formats
  • Intelligent Document Analysis: data extraction and free-form analysis based on rule sets
  • Fuzzy Reference Data Reconciliation by processing over 70 million data in under 1 second
  • Conversion export of compressed high quality data and images
  • Easy Integration into your Laserfiche environment





Product Release Date: 10/1/2020
Product Edition: V.1.0.0
Languages Supported:
138+ languages (English, French, German, Spanish…)
Required Laserfiche Products: Connects to both Laserfiche Cloud and Laserfiche self-hosted through the included Laserfiche SDK runtime


Please contact us for pricing information via our web page.


IRIS builds software to capture data, automate processes, manage content and transform unstructured information into ready to use, easy to archive and easy to share data.

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