iTernity LogoiTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS) is an open, flexible, and expandable long-term archiving solution for securing and protecting your business data. iCAS is a software that sits between archiving applications (DMS/ECM systems, PACS etc.) and NAS or SAN storage systems. The patented CSC technology of iCAS offers enormous flexibility and an easy integration into existing IT infrastructure.

Security without compromise: Our patented Content Storage Container (CSC) technique bundles the archive data with the corresponding meta data in special archive containers. These are secured against manipulation and unauthorized deletion. Retention times required by law are managed flexibly by iCAS. Files that have reached the retention date and are not on legal hold can be securely deleted according to Department of Defense (DoD) guidelines.
All access to the iTernity server is recorded, so that the complete history for every CSC container can be recalled.


Uses Standard File System
Because iCAS accesses the standard file system, the application is completely independent from storage manufacturers and technologies. iCAS writes on NAS and SANs from any manufacturer. Even existing storage can be used for archiving. Since users can choose any kind of backup solution, existing processes and know-how can still be used. Hierarchical storage management (HSM) allows transferring data to tapes or other media.

Based on Industry Standards
iTernity’s approach is based on industry standards like CIFS, SHA512 and AES256 encryption, rather than proprietary technologies. The established Windows 2008, 2012 und 2012 R2 servers along with the .NET framework guarantee iCAS performance, stability and scalability in every environment. This offers the user peace of mind for the future. The iTernity archive solution can always be combined with any software and hardware components of third-party vendors. There are no dependencies on technological isolated solutions. There is also no effort for special training and integrations.

Encryption and Compression
An additional bonus is the optional encryption of data with AES-256 algorithms to meet further security and privacy requirements (e.g. PCI-DSS). The archive data can also be compressed by up to 50%. This results in better memory usage, reduces energy consumption, and helps you to save costs.

Highly Scalable
iCAS has no limits in its scalability – the archive size as well as the performance can be adjusted according to the user’s needs. It is also possible to set up redundant and highly available configurations, using MS Cluster Windows Server 2012 and others.

Access via Web Service API or File System Gateway
Diverse applications such as DMS or ECM systems can access the iCAS software through a slim web service API and archive data on the configured storage system this way.
As an alternative to the web service API, iCAS offers a file system gateway (iFSG – iTernity File System Gateway).


Product Version Number: iCAS 3.7 SP5

Languages Supported: English

Required Laserfiche Products: Laserfiche Avante


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