RST Solutions has built an add-on integration between JD Edwards and Laserfiche utilizing one of four RST-built components for integration with JD Edwards via API, Orchestrator, BSSV or synchronization via flat-file that will allow for the bi-directional integration/synchronization of data sets to be used in Accounts Payable and Human Resources Automation solutions.


  • Reduce manual data-entry redundancies in business processes
  • Ensure data integrity between Laserfiche and JD Edwards
  • Efficiently retrieve documents while in JD Edwards


  1. Integration with JD Edwards via:
    • API
    • Orchestrator
    • BSSV
    • Flat-file
  2. Bi-directional integration with Laserfiche and JD Edwards Finance Data Sets
    • Vendor Address Book
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Purchase Order Information
    • Item Master
  3. Bi-directional integration with Laserfiche and JD Edwards Human Resources Data Sets
  4. Automatically create vouchers in JD Edwards from 3-way match approvals in Laserfiche
  5. Automatically create vouchers in JD Edwards from 2-way match approvals in Laserfiche
  6. Automatically create Purchase Orders in JD Edwards from PO Requisition approvals in Laserfiche
  7. While in JD Edwards directly view documents in Laserfiche
  8. Create Purpose-Built Scenarios for data-flow between Laserfiche and JD Edwards


  • Available on request


Product Version Number: 2.04.20

Languages Supported: English

Required Laserfiche Products: Laserfiche Rio or Laserfiche Avante with Forms and Workflow

Product Screenshots


Integration Type1 Workflow2 Workflows3+ Workflows
Flat File$5,000/year$7,500/year$10,000/year


Implementation Services – Please contact for pricing


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