Our mission is to build public trust between government and the communities through technology.  JustFOIA is the easiest-to-use records requests software that manages every step of the process from intake to delivery.

JustFOIA was designed for easy implementation within organizations – allowing them to start benefiting from the system within a few weeks. The solution requires no additional hardware or IT support.

We understand that software – no matter how many features it has – can’t be great unless it’s easy to use. We guarantee that JustFOIA is the easiest-to-use records request software, or we will train you again at no extra cost.

Laserfiche and JustFOIA are the perfect power pack of automation for simplified records requests and content services. By using our integration, Laserfiche users easily search and retrieve records without leaving the JustFOIA application.


  • Electronic Records Requests Form Submissions
  • Requestor Accounts & Public Portal
  • Customizable Correspondence Templates & File Attachments
  • Workflow with Notifications for Requests, Task Assignments, and Escalations
  • Fulfillment Status Tracking
  • “Any and All” PST Email Extraction and Document Management
  • Time and Materials Estimating
  • Invoicing and Payment Processing
  • Top-Grade Security on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud
  • Enterprise-level Reporting for Internal, State, and FOIA Compliance
  • Laserfiche Integration for Records Search and Retrieval


Required Laserfiche Products: A basic Laserfiche system is required if the organization requires integration with Laserfiche.

Test Drive URL: https://justfoia.me/laserfiche

Languages Supported: English


Please contact info@justfoia.com or call 850-701-0725 for pricing.


MCCi has provided Laserfiche solutions to its clients since 1998 and has been recognized as a top Solution Provider every year since 2009. With a client base of more than 1,300 Laserfiche clients, we continue to be a leading content services solution provider in the United States. Our goal is to develop customer-centric solutions that will enable Laserfiche clients to increase efficiency and productivity.




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Cassie Shores



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