JustFOIA is an easy-to-use, web-based, hosted solution that helps organizations track and manage public records requests (PRRs) for public sector agencies, including federal, state, city, county, and public education. Our goal is to automate the open records request process to reduce staff workload, ensure compliance, and gain insight through advanced reporting options.

JustFOIA was designed for easy implementation within organizations – allowing them to start seeing the benefits of the system within a few weeks. The solution requires no additional hardware, user licenses, or IT support. However, our support team is here to assist agencies for customization of the public records tracking portal both internally and from the public’s view.

Once requests are completed, the records are stored in Laserfiche’s repository for archiving, searching, and retrieval as needed. In addition, JustFOIA’s Public Portal offers an option to make numerous public records requested available for the public. JustFOIA handles the entire life cycle of the public records management process – which starts with standardized electronic intake of requests and manages the request’s process to fulfillment. It also provides analytical reports to give organizations a window into how they are performing while fulfilling records requests within the required time frames.


  • Electronic Public Records Requests Form Submissions
  • Workflow with Notifications for Requests, Task Assignments, Escalations, and More
  • Distribution of Requests for Each Department Involved
  • Fulfillment Status Tracking
  • Fee Management and Payment Tracking
  • Time and Materials Estimating
  • Invoicing and Payment Processing
  • Customizable Correspondence Templates & File Attachments
  • Requestor Accounts & Public Portal
  • Enterprise-level Reporting for Internal, State and FOIA Compliance
  • Laserfiche Integration for Records Search and Retrieval
  • AdobePro integration for redaction


Version: 3.2

Required Laserfiche Products: A basic Laserfiche system is required if the organization requires integration with Laserfiche.

Test Drive: URL https://www.justfoia.com/how-it-works/ 

Languages Supported: English


Please contact info@justfoia.com or call 850-701-0725 for pricing.


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Scott Mursten


850-701-0725 ext 1520

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