Laserfiche LogoThe Certified Laserfiche for Ricoh MFD is an embedded MFD solution that allows authorized users to scan to, print from, search and browse Laserfiche directly from Ricoh MFDs. It leverages these smart devices to provide a convenient way to communicate with your Laserfiche Server from a Ricoh MFD Android interface. Previous version 1.1 additionally supports the legacy Ricoh MFD platform as well.


Certified Laserfiche for Ricoh allows users of Ricoh MFDs to easily:

  • Authenticate to a Laserfiche repository using a proximity card reader
  • Scan images to different formats and save them to specified destination folders of the Laserfiche Repository
  • Set template and field values on documents stored in the Laserfiche Repository
  • Print supported documents from Laserfiche (only specific formats are supported)
  • Browse Laserfiche folders and documents
  • Search content in the Laserfiche Repository (text content of Laserfiche documents, entry names, field values)
  • Set up and scan with quick scan settings


Product Edition: Available for Laserfiche Rio and Laserfiche Avante versions 8.3 and later, and Ricoh MFD with ESA SDK version 7.x, 10.x,  11.x, or 12.x. Version 1.1 of this application supports legacy Ricoh device platforms, while version 2.0 supports the new Android-based interface on the device.


This application is licensed per device. Please contact your Laserfiche Reseller for pricing.


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