Laserfiche LogoLaserfiche Connector for Samsung is an embedded MFP solution that allows users to scan, print from, search and browse Laserfiche directly from Samsung MFPs.



Laserfiche Connector for Samsung allows users of Samsung MFPs to easily:

  • Scan documents from a Samsung MFP directly into Laserfiche’s secure electronic document repository
  • Search for documents stored in Laserfiche through title, keyword or metadata searches from your Samsung MFP
  • Browse the Laserfiche respository from your Samsung MFP
  • Print documents stored in Laserfiche from your Samsung MFP, and send documents to print from the Laserfiche Mobile application
  • Configure workflows to automatically route the documents uploaded to Laserfiche from your Samsung MFP
  • Simplify logging into Laserfiche directly from the Samsung MFP, using proximity card authentication


Scan file name - token picker



Supported Samsung MFPs include:

  • CLX-9252 / 9352
  • SCX-8230 / 8240
  • CLX-8640 / 8650
  • CLX-9201 / 9251 / 9301
  • SCX-8123 / 8128NX
  • K4250 / K4300 / K4350
  • X4250 / X4300
  • M4370 / M5370
  • M4580 / M4583
  • MX4 / MX7


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