Granicus is committed to building open architectures, standards, and lasting partnerships with industry leaders. We want to offer clients the most complete, flexible solutions on the market that integrate with other proven solutions.

The Laserfiche enterprise content management system combines comprehensive content management functionality with business process management (BPM) tools to both manage and process information. The Laserfiche enterprise management system is integrated with Granicus’ Legislative Management Suite, which allows government staff to easily manage pre-meeting agenda processes from start to finish. With the Laserfiche-Granicus integration, organizations get the best value from industry-leading systems and can rely on the support and expertise of both companies.

For organizations with multiple legislative solutions, it is important for data to be efficiently transferred between systems to avoid manually duplicating work from one system to the other. To solve this problem, Granicus and Laserfiche have a comprehensive integration that saves our users countless hours of work.

“It’s hard to tell what’s Laserfiche and what’s Granicus, they’re so well integrated.” – Lynn Mullhall, City Clerk, City of Goodyear

With embedded Laserfiche authentication, storing all documents from Granicus software into Laserfiche is seamless. Agenda files and attachments can be easily archived directly from Granicus into Laserfiche using its document linking functionality. As a result, Laserfiche templates are automatically mapped to fields within Legistar. This technology was designed to improve the day to day operations of staff members responsible for agenda preparation.


Import documents into Granicus with Laserfiche – allows the attachment of any files that might be stored/scanned into Laserfiche directly into Legislative record

Automatically archive agenda and all supporting documents into Laserfiche – archive process converts all files automatically into TIF format so no manual conversion steps are needed

All files are linked together using document linking – allows for easy navigation through a set of files

Maximize the transparency and efficiency of legislative recordkeeping – empower staff with tools that automate legislative file management and public meeting webcasting; the workflow automatically assembles a powerful research engine that empowers users to search across a fully indexed and searchable repository of legislative history and video.


Product Edition: Laserfiche Agenda Manager
Languages Supported: English


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