Laserfiche LogoLaser App® provides forms filling solutions for broker-dealers, financial advisors, insurance agents, and others in the financial industry. They prefill the most current forms, creating forms that are legible, current, and In Good Order. Additionally, reps become much more efficient because they aren’t spending hours filling out forms every day. Laser App leads the financial industry in forms filling with over 100,000 users and over 340 broker-dealers.

The Laserfiche Integration with Laser App enables Laser App users to make use of all the normal Laser App features, like filling out forms in the Laser App® interface, but adds the ability to post these forms as PDF to Laserfiche for validation and further processing. Metadata can be reused to configure which folder the form is sent to, what the document’s name will be, and may map the Laser App® form fields to Laserfiche fields.


Automated Import

  • Integration with Laser App to allow secure archival of Laser App forms as PDF in order to make use of validation and document management processes in Laserfiche.
  • Provide Laserfiche Records Management capabilities to your Laser App forms for document lifecycle management.

Simple Configuration

  • Supports all form types provided by Laser App.
  • Configurable import service allows you capture the data you need for your validation, including information about the agent filling out the form, the client’s CRM information, and any data entered into the form itself.
  • Easy and centralized setup allows you to deploy quickly to a large number of Laser App desktop client installations.
  • Secure every step of the archival process using SSL to ensure the integrity of your client’s documents.

Support and Updates

  • Your Laserfiche reseller will promptly troubleshoot and resolve any issues that arise.
  • Laserfiche Rio customers have direct-to-Laserfiche Web chat for designated support personnel.
  • New releases and product updates.
  • 100% credit towards product upgrades.

Access to the Knowledge Base articles, discussion forums and educational resources on the Laserfiche Support Site.

Laserfiche & Laser App

Laser App


Requires Laserfiche Web Access 9.0.2 and Laserfiche 9.0.2 or later.

Supports Laser App® on-premises or Laser App® Anywhere.


Contact your Laserfiche Reseller.


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