Gordon Flesch Consulting Group LogoMany Laserfiche users have expressed an interest in implementing document management “in-the-cloud”. GFConsulting has developed the convenience of a cloud-based hosted service, while maintaining Laserfiche’s powerful functions, security and licensing options.

“Docs-on-the-Cloud” provides an alternate, optimized architecture for Laserfiche users:

  1. No internal server hardware, server software or backups to administer;
  2. Installed on Amazon data centers, assuring quality and continuity and compliance with multiple site requirements;
  3. Option for no up-front server costs – simply a monthly fee for the service period;
  4. No change to your Laserfiche licensing or VAR agreements;
  5. Delivered by your trusted Laserfiche VAR;
  6. Includes backup and multiple site redundant server instances;
  7. Includes secure data transfer;
  8. Maintains full Laserfiche administration and configuration rights;
  9. Can have separate instances for Laserfiche and SQL Server;
  10. Transferrable, can always be moved back to an on-premises server, if desired.

Laserfiche clients connect by simply registering their server with its unique name (e.g. mydocs.docsonthecloud.com ) Server instances can be created in minutes. Existing on-premises Laserfiche servers can be migrated easily, or may be extended in a hybrid private cloud as an overflow or backup.

GFConsulting Group, as a certified Amazon Solutions Provider, will provide streamlined enrollment, instance creation, backup management, integration and back office support. GFConsulting can provide secure Amazon Cloud instances for your other server-based programs with the same support and financing options.

Comments from Laserfiche Docs-on-the-Cloud users have been extremely favorable:

  • Snapshot, OCRing documents, creating folders and copying documents all worked flawlessly.”
  • “There was no slow down with scanning, storing or importing documents – ran just as fast on my virtual machine.”

Docs-on-the-Cloud is not offered as Software-as-a-Service. Laserfiche sales and support are conducted by the user’s trusted Laserfiche VARs, who will supply the retail Laserfiche license keys for each instance.



Product Edition:

  • Laserfiche Client
  • Laserfiche Server (MS SQL)
  • All versions are supported.

Languages Supported: English


Laserfiche end-users, your Laserfiche VAR or representative can provide pricing information.

Laserfiche VARs can contact Chip Benson at 202-315-6690 or cbenson@gflesch.com.


GFConsulting Group with its unique background as a dedicated custom application integrator and a Laserfiche PDP has developed the LFIntegrator line of applications to optimize the integration of Laserfiche’s best-of-breed document management software with enterprise-critical third-party applications. GFConsulting has been recognized by Laserfiche as a ‘Run Smarter’ award winner for its innovative development and implementation efforts. We use a dedicated team of developers and our trusted network of VARs to assure customer satisfaction, and to provide customization when requested.

GFConsulting is a certified development partner of IBM, Lotus Notes/Domino, Microsoft, SAP, Intuit, Autodesk, Amazon, Sharp and Laserfiche.

The products and services listed on the Laserfiche Marketplace were not developed by Laserfiche. The recommendations and opinions expressed on the Laserfiche Marketplace are those of the person or persons posting the recommendations only, and they do not necessarily represent Laserfiche’s opinion or recommendation of the product or service being reviewed. Laserfiche disclaims all liability resulting from your purchase or use of any non-Laserfiche software product or service listed on the site.

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