STG LogoYARDI is a popular Web-based accounting system for property managers. This integration streamlines the A/P process through YARDI such that property managers can directly scan bills and receipts into Laserfiche/YARDI and still use the standard YARDI interface with which they are familiar. The batch number and control number along with the image are archived in Laserfiche so that research for expense validation with receipts is accomplished very rapidly.

While the labor savings alone are significant, the elimination of the cost of mailing and expressing expense information from the property locations to the corporate office can justify the system. With the Fujitsu scanners we use at the property locations, the Laserfiche/YARDI solution is literally a “push one button” process. The integration offers the ability to scan and archive records across all departments in the organization such as HR, Contracts, Insurance and Maintenance as well as Accounting.


  • Transparent Interface
  • One button scanning solution
  • Automatic index updating
  • Document Management for other departments such as Human Resources

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Product Edition:

Languages Supported: English


Approximately $10,000 depending on the level of customization required.


Southern Technology Group is a full service integration solutions provider offering our clients document management solutions, consulting, service and complete implementation and training on all solutions we provide. Our service is consistently ranked among the best in the industry. Our goal is consistently happy clients and long term relationships with those whom we serve.

We have been providing Laserfiche Document Management solutions since 1998 and have established a worldwide reputation with our technical, management and service skills in helping others be more productive with Laserfiche. Regardless of the size of the project, the appropriate implementation methodology skills are applied to give our clients the assurance that their requirements will be met.

STG is very skilled with legacy conversions. Vendors go out of business and companies outgrown older systems. When this happens some find themselves with a major investment in their data and no way to retrieve it. We can solve this problem. We have most of the old legacy hardware at our facility and the skills to read many of the proprietary formats these systems used.

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