Gordon Flesch Consulting Group LogoStreamline your accounting processes by having all documents related to a transaction immediately available on the Great Plains user screen.

For example, use Laserfiche Workflow Manager to:

  • Circulate an invoice for approval to pay, and have it load directly into the Great Plains Payables Entry screen;
  • Retrieve and display a supporting document from the Laserfiche repository automatically based upon the vendor or transaction you are viewing in GP; or
  • Immediately follow an audit trail to all associated documents.

LFIntegrator has been designed with the direct input of Great Plains users and resellers to assure optimal integration with the task at hand. In one example, paper based invoice processing resulted in double keying of each item – once in the document system and once in Great Plains. With LFIntegrator for Great Plains, data entry into the Payables module is completely automatic, while the workflow process is simultaneously updated with voucher and check number information.


  • Requires no changes to existing Great Plains system
  • Support provided by your trusted Laserfiche VAR
  • Supports multiple Companies within GP
  • Easily extensible – support for additional GP modules coming
  • Allows custom Laserfiche templates and Workflows
  • Configurable field and distribution mapping
  • Built-in error checking on imported transactions
  • Accounting controls all posting functions
  • Bilateral data flow at the GP SQL table level
  • Maintenance updates for new GP and Laserfiche versions
  • Includes default templates and workflow for Invoices, Shipping Receipts and Internal Approval


Product Edition:

  • Laserfiche Client
  • Laserfiche Server (MS SQL)
  • All versions are supported.

Languages Supported: English


Laserfiche end-users, your Laserfiche VAR or representative can provide pricing information.

Laserfiche VARs can contact Chip Benson at 202-315-6690 or


GFConsulting Group has been providing optimized Cloud hosting services for Laserfiche VARs and licensees for several years through its Docs-on-the-Cloud instances. Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud capitalizes on that experience and expertise, allowing end users the option to experience Laserfiche Rio benefits on a subscription license basis. GFConsulting has been recognized by Laserfiche as a ‘Run Smarter’ award winner for its innovative development and implementation efforts. We use a dedicated team of developers and our trusted network of VARs to assure customer satisfaction, and to provide customization when requested.

GFConsulting Group is a certified development partner of Laserfiche, Amazon, Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Intuit, Autodesk, Sharp and others.

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