Gordon Flesch Consulting Group LogoFor existing Laserfiche ECM users with Web Access, LFIntegrator for Salesforce adds the Laserfiche Web Access client directly into Salesforce objects, including Leads, Accounts, Opportunities and Contacts. In the background, an automatic search is initiated in Laserfiche and related documents are displayed within the Salesforce object.

You never leave your Salesforce Tab to access a Laserfiche document. GFConsulting Group’s Salesforce integration has passed the Salesforce Security Review which ensures that applications published on the Salesforce AppExchange follow industry best practices for security.


  • Document and Electronic Content Management from within Salesforce Records
  • Automatically searches and displays results when object opens
  • Full ECM functions including OCR, full text search, markup and folder hierarchy
  • Passed the Salesforce Security Review

Salesforce Laserfiche Integration


  • Version 1.0.0
  • English
  • Laserfiche 9.0.1 or higher, Laserfiche Web Access, IIS configured for Laserfiche Server.
  • Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud end user license.


Contact GFConsulting Group or your Laserfiche VAR or representative for pricing information.


GFConsulting Group provides cloud and application services to the Laserfiche community. With its unique background as a dedicated custom application integrator and a Laserfiche PDP has developed Docs-on-the-Cloud for Laserfiche and the LFIntegrator line of applications to optimize the integration of Laserfiche’s best-of-breed document management software with enterprise-critical third-party applications. GFConsulting Group has been recognized by Laserfiche as a ‘Run Smarter’ award winner for its innovative development and implementation efforts. We use a dedicated team of developers and our trusted network of VARs to assure customer satisfaction, and to provide customization when requested.

GFConsulting is a certified development partner of Laserfiche, Amazon, Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Intuit, Autodesk, Sharp and others.

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