The importance of being able to track email correspondence is vital in today’s business. Email has become more than ever, a valid form of documentation.

Protect yourself from the loss of this important correspondence, by integrating Laserfiche Document storage with your Microsoft Exchange Server, using Cities Digital’s MagniMail solution. MagniMail automates the work that would be required to monitor, move, categorize, and store email records. MagniMail does not use Microsoft Outlook and users have no control in the archiving process.

MagniMail delivers detailed configuration options you need to archive your email records most efficiently, in a way that makes sense to you. Laserfiche profile configurations allow you to choose the manner in which your records will be archived by using dynamic file archive locations, document names, and template information to ensure that all of your correspondence is being placed where you want it. Directly integrating with Laserfiche, you can use rules-based archiving with filters to make sure that only the items you want are archived. Attachment handling provides a painless way to file your email attachments separately.

Searching through thousands of email records is time consuming. MagniMail makes this easy and adds efficiency by providing Discovery criteria such as profile, date range, users, email addresses, and keywords. Additionally, you may use automatic keyword flagging. The flagging function allows for administrators to view email records in a separate tab containing any of the preset keywords. Random samples of messages may also be configured to show up for monitoring in keyword flagging tab. A color coordinated graph will show you how many emails are yet to be reviewed within the random sample, and the keyword flagging separately.


MagniMail contains a robust set of features to automatically archive emails to Laserfiche:

  • Automatic archiving of all inbound and outbound emails from Exchange
  • Supports Exchange 2007 and 2010 with multiple domains and clustered environments
  • Emails archived in non-proprietary format
  • Includes rules-based filtering of domains, addresses and auto filing of emails.
  • Auto file emails by client/vendor/employee
  • System vitals dashboard for monitoring emails processed from each server
  • E-discovery screen for manager’s or compliance officer’s view of email
  • Query email by date, domain, user or full text search
  • Keyword quarantine for review
  • Attachment separation for alternate processing


Product Edition: Laserfiche 8.0 or higher
Languages Supported: English.


MagniMail by Cities Digital Enterprise Edition – $10,000.00


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