NovuSolutions LogoNovusAGENDA manages meeting agenda item creation with full workflow capabilities.

NovusBOARDVIEW is included with the software and offers board members a full portal to access agenda and minutes prior to the meeting to support their meeting preparation. Electronic voting in an option that can be added at any time.

Creating minutes with full motions, votes and discussion is easy with NovusAGENDA.

Optional Video streaming services are available.

The solution is web based with an unlimited licensing model.


    • Full Item workflow is included.
    • Agenda minutes and item creation page is configured to client standards.
    • Laserfiche integration is available.
    • BOARDVIEW portal allows board to use any device to prepare prior to the meeting and participate in the meeting and vote electronically.
    • Public search page uses browser detection to maximize the experience for mobile users.
    • Minutes captures motions, first, second, votes and discussion then publishes both draft and final minutes.
    • Term tracking module is included; tracking member biography and terms as well as multiple boards and commissions.
    • Reporting module allows data mining of all information for quick and easy reporting.



Supports English only

NovusAGENDA runs standalone and integrates with Laserfiche.


$4,200 to $7,950 per year – varies based on client size


Novusolutions is a web based software manufacturer offering NovusAGENDA. NovusAGENDA is an electronic solution designed to create, approve and track items for upcoming and past Board meetings. The entire process creates an automated Paperless Agenda Solution.
Adding an Agenda item, like the approval for a new employee benefit offering or the purchase of a vehicle, can now be controlled in a well-organized systematic solution.

Various workflow options allow you to control the review and approval process for each item with a complete history for tracking purposes. Minutes, public and board portals are also fully supported.

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