Continental IT LogoA business process tool designed specifically to address your removable WORM media requirements for Regulatory and Compliance needs.
Laserfiche template based tool
Date range, Image only, Line of Business selects
Great for Financial Services organizations looking for a better way to archive and present documents for audit, regulatory and Home Office submission requests/ process.Simple Solutions for Financial Services Compliance and Laserfiche include the Output Assistant tool from CIT that allows for capturing all activity within a selected date range and Laserfiche Template and placing on WORM media. Output can be viewed and stored using any Windows browser. There is also an images only option and or company code and electronic document selects.Output Assistant generates an html index viewed via a web browser. In addition to the index data and name, documents are organized in the same alphanumeric structure as their Laserfiche folders. This output combined with a 448bit encryption package, allows end users to ship these disks to an Escrow Agent without the worry of confidential client data being lost or stolen.



Product Edition: Laserfiche Server 7 and 8
Languages Supported: English


Product: $1,500.00

Support: $300.00


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