Objectif Lune LogoPlanetPress Suite is a professional software solution that enables the easy creation of transactional and promotional variable content documents as well as offering advanced automated distribution and workflow management capabilities.

Documents created with PlanetPress Suite can be printed, archived (built in Laserfiche connector), emailed, faxed and/or pushed to cloud for tablet presentment as part of a sophisticated output management application driven by PlanetPress workflow tools. Conditional text, barcodes, business graphs and images can be incorporated based upon information contained within the data stream.

Planet Press Capture provides the ability to link the Anoto digital pen with Planet Press documents, resulting in the ability to digitally capture (without scanning) inked pen strokes on paper as part of a workflow process. Lastly, PlanetPress GoFormz extends document workflow into the cloud for mobility users. PlanetPress documents can be presented to tablet users where documents can be marked up, signatures captured, images added to document via tablet camera. Completed documents are returned from tablet users via the cloud and then processed as part of a PlanetPress workflow.



Planet Press delivers reformatted output and/or document workflow (print/email/archive/fax/cloud) to customers with any number of host environments (legacy, mainframe, ERP, Unix, Linux, Windows). Planet Press Suite solutions are implemented without having to change the customer host system, host applications or how end users interface with the host(s). In leveraging these capabilities, Laserfiche partners can deliver variable data document creation and workflow solutions to a wide variety of customer types, offering high value document process automation and cost savings without changing the end user host experience.

  • Object oriented workflow tools
  • Support for a wide variety of data and document input
  • Unique Windows driver for input from any Windows application
  • Advanced PDF handling tools
  • Distributed Print
  • Remote Printing
  • “Scanless” digital document capture if inked documents
  • Cloud / tablet document presentation and capture
  • Ability to Email, Fax, and Index
  • Feeds Laserfiche with resultant documents


Product Edition: PlanetPress Suite Version 7.5.2
Languages Supported: English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

PlanetPress Suite uses codepages when storing and retrieving information (a codepage is a mapping used to convert back and forth the letters and numbers used by humans to the numeric characters used by computers). By default, codepage 1252 is used for Latin languages (good for Afrikaans, Basque, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Faroese, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili and Swedish) and codepage 932 is used for Japanese).


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Objectif Lune first started in the variable data printing industry in 1993 by creating custom turnkey solutions which evolved to a suite of products called PlanetPress Suite. With impressive success, the company has quickly become a leader in its field and now provides solutions for all aspects of the variable data printing industry:

  • Transactional and promotional printing
  • Workflow automation
  • Web-to-Print

With applications that can be used anywhere, Objectif Lune has gradually increased its worldwide presence by opening branches or signing distribution agreements for its solutions in several regions of the world such as the United States, Latin America, Australia, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and France.

In 2004, Objectif Lune further secured its position on the variable data printing market by acquiring Atlas Software B.V., creators of PrintShop Mail, an easy-to-use entry-level tool that optimizes the merging of variable database information with document design. This acquisition gave the company a better strategic position to support a broader range of variable data applications, and industry partners and customers have gained a stronger resource to help them drive more successful and profitable solutions. This acquisition makes Objectif Lune’s product portfolio complete and allows the company to offer solutions tailored for every players of the variable data printing world.

To help businesses make the most out of their variable data printing operations, Objectif Lune also offers a full range of professional services including software integration, document design and custom development. Our customers and partners also benefit from the company’s team of instructors. Objectif Lune offers complete and tailored training programs to help users leverage the full power of their variable data applications.

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