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ProjectDox® is the market’s leading Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) solution that digitally transforms the way organizations review and approve projects and changes. By enhancing efficiency, teamwork, portability, auditability, operational transparency, and accuracy, ProjectDox helps organizations and the communities they serve gain dramatic efficiency for project approvals, thereby accelerating jobs and revenues — all while serving citizens better and assuring building safety.

ProjectDox’s Best-in-Class workflows package a decade of plan review process experience and knowledge gained while refining over 100 plan review processes. These Best-in-Class pre-configured workflows can be deployed quickly to immediately improve plan review efficiency or provide a best-practices starting point to build to your unique process requirements.

ProjectDox offers the most proven and robust ePlan capabilities and features in the industry. And ProjectDox is much more than a PDF viewer and markup tool – it is a full ePlan solution that streamlines the entire business process of plan submission, review, and approval – increasing efficiency across your enterprise.

ProjectDox Supports Your Goals:

  • Greater Community Safety – transparency and efficiency
  • Accelerates Economic Development – get things built faster
  • Customer Service Excellence – web based services
  • Align Departments and Break Silos – better collaboration & transparency
  • Efficient Use of Resources – do more with less
  • Clean and Sustainable Environment – paperless electronic data access

Our customers say …

“I have used all local jurisdiction’s digital submittal processes and I have to say this was # 1 in ease of use, organization, and layout.”

“We reduced review service from 7 to 3 days immediately after implementing ProjectDox ePlan technology.”



Efficiency for Plan Review – ProjectDox reduces citizen frustration by delivering greater plan review efficiency and improving department communication.

  • Best-in-Class review workflows
  • Multi-format view & markup
  • Maintains legal integrity of documents
  • Secure and controlled access
  • Task assignment and notifications
  • Resubmission handling
  • Revision compare
  • Batch stamping


Product Version Number: v.8.7

Languages Supported: English

Laserfiche Products Required: Laserfiche



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Avolve Software provides proven software to efficiently manage the entire ePlan Life Cycle process. Our solutions are trusted by more than 100 cities and counties in North America. From online application and file submission, to best-in-class ePlan review workflow processes, to field inspection and first responder accessible ePlans, eForms, and field captured pre-planning building/site information – Avolve Software is the right visionary partner for digital transformation of dated paper-based processes.

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