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When an organization implements a document management system, the plan is always ambitious. Get the software in house, design the filing schemes and integrate the document repository with every existing system that could benefit from document management. But then reality sets in…

  • How do those existing applications get integrated?
  • Is it even possible to integrate those applications?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?

In the end, most organizations integrate only the most mission critical of systems with the new document management system. That’s unfortunate because the more applications that get integrated, the greater the productivity increases across the organization and the better the return on that investment.

However, if you are a Laserfiche user, Ratchet-X is your integration solution. Ratchet-X is not a replacement for the Laserfiche API. Rather, it’s an innovative supplement, that allows Laserfiche users to integrate more of their applications with its document repository without having to dive into the details of the Laserfiche API or modify existing systems. Ratchet-X allows Laserfiche users to link application screen fields to Laserfiche so one can quickly and easily submit or retrieve documents from Laserfiche repositories or jump to related records in line of business applications from the Laserfiche client. And the best part about Ratchet-X for is that these integrations are achieved without you having to modify your existing application in any way. No code changes, cooperation from the vendor or working with existing system APIs.


  • Laserfiche enable any Windows, browser or legacy application – no changes required.
  • Link images and index data stored in Laserfiche back to records in line of business systems.
  • Create sophisticated application automations for multi-application integrations.
  • Populate electronic forms with data in Laserfiche or line of business applications.
  • Multiple application recognition engines ensure 99% integration success rate.
  • Works within virtual environments.



Current version of Ratchet-X is 5.5.

Supports 32 and 64 bit Windows applications.

Support MS IE v 7 and above and Google Chrome.

Supports Laserfiche Rio, Avante and Cloud.


Volume discounts and concurrent user pricing options available.

Certified Laserfiche VAR discount programs available.


RatchetSoft is dedicated to creating desktop integration software that dramatically increases user productivity and reduces data entry errors. Our flagship product, the Ratchet-X Desktop Application Integration Platform allows users to add new features to existing applications without requiring changes to those applications or cooperation from software vendors.

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