RatchetSoft LogoRatchet-X RPA allows you to integrate any Windows, browser or legacy system with any other application, data source or custom API without having to make changes to your application or requiring cooperation from the application’s vendor. Ratchet-X RPA offers an enterprise class suite of attended, unattended and hybrid bot technology ensuring you have the right tool for the job. That coupled with the experience of automation architects who’ve worked on hundred of projects of all shapes and sizes backed be a well-honed methodology guarantees your project’s success.

The Ratchet-X RPA platform allows organizations to automate any repetitive and manual process by integrating any Windows, browser or legacy-based system with any data source or API. Ratchet-X can be deployed in an attended bot, an unattended bot or a hybrid bot configuration. Attended bots run on the user’s desktop and run under the direction of the user.

An example would be jumping to an invoice in Laserfiche from the context of a vendor screen within an accounting application. Unattended bots run on one or more dedicated virtual machines and are designed to handle more batch-oriented jobs like pushing multiple invoice data into an accounting system. Hybrid bots are a combination of attended and unattended bot technology whereby a process is initiated by the user on the desktop, but then passes control to unattended bots to complete the task. Hybrid bots are often used to automate long running transactions that require initiation by an end user.


  • Integration with Laserfiche via the Laserfiche Action Pack
  • Bot automation video replay with log and spec syncing
  • Contextual automation execution via the Ratchet-X magic button and job prioritization

robotic process automation platform in action


Current version of Ratchet-X is 6.0.

Supports English language.

Operating Systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP.

Browsers: MS IE v6 and above, Google Chrome, Firefox.

Terminal Emulators: All

Workstation Requirements: 1GB RAM, 75MB disk space

Requires Laserfiche Action Pack for integrations with Laserfiche.

Supports Laserfiche Rio, Avante and Cloud.


Ratchet-X is priced on a per seat, perpetual license while Cloud RPA is licensed as a monthly subscription.

Starting at $295/seat or $600/month


RatchetSoft is a U.S. based software company dedicated to creating RPA (Robotics Process Automation), software and solutions that dramatically increase user productivity and reduce data entry errors. Our flagship platform, Ratchet-X RPA, allows organizations of all sizes to automate and integrate existing processes and applications without requiring any modifications to existing applications or cooperation from software vendors. Ratchet-X RPA provides both attended (desktop), and unattended (batch), robotic technology that can be scaled to accommodate automations of any volume size.

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