FabSoft LogoReform intelligently connects Ricoh and HP multi-function peripherals (MFPs) and line of business (LOB) applications to Laserfiche.

When Reform delivers the documents to Laserfiche they can be indexed automatically or printed directly from Laserfiche. Many different types of technology are available in Reform both as standard features and as add-on modules.


Reform is designed to increase the functionality of MFPs, copiers and printers to allow them to index and archive documents in a Laserfiche ECM.

Laserfiche related features:

  • Ad hoc scanning into Laserfiche with intelligent document indexing
  • Fixed workflow scanning from MFPs
  • Multiple destination scanning to Laserfiche and other devices
  • Host capture Variable Data Printing (VDP)
  • Auto-indexing of Variable Data Printing (VDP) documents

Non-Laserfiche related features include:

  • Cloud and mobile printing automation
  • Cost accounting and usage tracking for all printing and copying
  • Bubble sheet / OMR grading and surveys


Product Version: 14
Languages Supported: English, Spanish



A leader in the Managed Document Services (MDS) industry for 20 years, FabSoft specializes in streamlining workflow through intelligent document distribution and enhancement, with products that are fully compatible with all operating systems, applications and devices. With over 25,000 installations worldwide, FabSoft’s solutions have been successfully implemented to improve the productivity and efficiency of companies of any size.

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