Solutions Plus Consulting LogoWe use 3rd party reporting applications like Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Tableau to connect directly to the database to provide robust, dynamic and visually appealing reports and dashboards for Laserfiche customers.

Solutions Plus is a respected leader in delivering reports and dashboards from enterprise software applications. We have a highly experienced team available to help you with your business process performance, compliance, operational and audit related reporting needs. Our solutions enable access to your unique business process and other data stored in Laserfiche.

Application users and management need reports to track progress against goals, manage expenses, identify trends, answer organizational questions, respond to issues, control operations, and ultimately make key business decisions. Reporting is fundamental to both daily operations and decision support for management.

Solutions Plus offers services for a variety of reporting styles and is proficient with a wide array of technologies to help you meet your reporting goals. We work with you to determine project objectives and scope. Whether that’s a point solution, self-sufficiency through self-service or an overarching long-term strategy, we have services and expertise to help you accomplish your goals.

Operational Reporting
Operational reports are essential for day-to-day operations of a business and are a critical extension of your Laserfiche application. Solutions Plus can help you attain the full value from your Laserfiche investment with the proper collection of operational reports.

Self-Service Reporting
Solutions Plus can enable you to be self-sufficient in pulling your own data to support your ever-changing needs.

Dashboards & Visualization
Solutions Plus can help your organization get to the next level with concisely summarized information and rich visualizations that facilitate data-driven decisions.

Strategy is essential to successful business intelligence. Solutions Plus will help you look beyond today’s need and implement solutions that support your ongoing data and reporting needs.

In all cases, we strive to deliver creative and affordable solutions to our customers and can assist you in creating dynamic and concise reports and dashboards that fit your specific organization’s needs. Leverage our experience and expertise to help you maximize your investment in Laserfiche.


Our services facilitate:
• Process enforcement
• Operational efficiency
• Data integrity validation and maintenance
• Access to data not available directly through the application
• Easier interpretation of complex information through concise summaries, graphs and charts
• Insight into key business trends
• Validation of performance against goals
• Data-driven and informed decision making


This will work with any Laserfiche product.


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