The CDI Salesforce integration for Laserfiche allows for easy connectivity and interaction between Laserfiche and Salesforce.

By utilizing Laserfiche Web Access, the CDI Salesforce integration lets users quickly and easily access documentation in Laserfiche for any account, contact, and opportunity, or custom entity/field, directly through the Salesforce interface.

This full-access interaction gives users the time-saving ability to upload or scan documents through the Salesforce interface, as well as export electronic files and briefcases, create files and folders, and edit template data.

Your organization will also have the option to upload different Laserfiche briefcases per account, contact, lead, or other record type, to ensure the creation of specific sub-folder structures, in cases where the folder structure does not already exist in Laserfiche.

In addition, the Administration Configuration feature allows for controlled mapping between Laserfiche template fields and Salesforce attributes, helping to optimize future searches in Laserfiche.


  • Ability to view, scan, upload, edit, export, and delete documents directly from Salesforce
  • Ability to search and access account, contact, and lead documentation from within the Salesforce interface
  • Data auto-sync – updates in Salesforce can automatically be applied to Laserfiche
  • Includes Laserfiche Workflow Activities
    • Create Record
    • Find Record
    • Retrieve Record
    • Delete Record
    • For Each Record
    • Update Record
  • Allows administrators to map Salesforce attributes to Laserfiche template fields for optimized searching
  • Helps ensure the creation of standardized sub-folder structures in Laserfiche for new contacts


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Salesforce CRM Integration

Product Edition: version 3.3.5
Languages Supported: English
Required Laserfiche Products: WebLink or Web Access 9.0 or higher

Salesforce Workflow Activities

Product Edition: version 2.1.0
Languages Supported: English
Required Laserfiche Products:  Workflow 9.0 or higher


Salesforce/Laserfiche Integration with Workflow Activities by CDI: $2,000
Salesforce/Laserfiche Integration with Workflow Activities by CDI – Annual Support: $400


CDI is a document management solutions provider specializing in creative solutions using Laserfiche.  Proud to be partnered with Laserfiche since 2002, our trusted solutions, built by CDI, have benefited hundreds of Laserfiche users internationally. The CDI suite of products are designed around expanding the functionality of ECM through smarter integration.

CDI’s headquarters is based in Hudson, Wisconsin, and operates satellite offices in Eugene, Austin, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

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