Cities Digital LogoThe Salesforce Integration by Cities Digital brings Salesforce CRM information together with Laserfiche Document Management.

From the Salesforce interface, users can access documentation pertaining to their Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities, as well as create new folders for new contacts. This integration can connect to Web Access for full Laserfiche functionality and/or WebLink for a read-only view of documentation.

The configuration allows for the use of tokens to build dynamic Laserfiche Folder paths for the contact documentation, as well as the application of Laserfiche Template Field information. Upload a briefcase per Salesforce entity to keep consistent folder structures, and choose between Laserfiche Web Access or WebLink for viewing the client documentation in the Salesforce interface.

The Salesforce Integration for Laserfiche makes importing and distributing content more efficient. This leads to more functionality with Laserfiche Workflows and better business processes.

Salesforce Laserfiche Integration


The Salesforce Integration from Cities Digital contains a robust set of features for document synchronization with Laserfiche:

  • Access documentation in Laserfiche pertaining to Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities from the Salesforce interface.
  • Allows for full access interaction with respective client files.
  • Provides a full repository view of Laserfiche documentation.
  • Utilizes Laserfiche Web Access functionality for document interaction, or WebLink for read-only interaction.
  • Includes scan, upload, edit, export, delete, and Laserfiche search options for documents, folders, briefcases, and template data.
  • Integrate with Person Accounts.
  • Integrate with custom, unique tabs created by users.


Product Edition: Version 2.0.0

Requires Web Access or Weblink 8.0 or higher


Salesforce Activities for Laserfiche Workflow by Cities DigitalCD2343Software$1,000.00
Salesforce Activities for Laserfiche Workflow by Cities Digital Annual MaintenanceCD2343SAnnual Maintenance$200.00



Cities Digital is a document management solutions provider specializing in creative solutions using Laserfiche. Cities Digital has been partnered with Laserfiche since 2002. The solutions that Cities Digital has built have benefited hundreds of Laserfiche users nationally. The Cities Digital suite of products is designed around expanding the functionality of ECM through smarter integration.

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Cities Digital is based in Hudson, Wisconsin and operates satellite offices in Austin, Los Angeles, and Seattle.


2000 O’Neil Road, Suite 150 Hudson, WI 54016


(855) 714-2800

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