The integration between Laserfiche and Tamarac allows for easy interaction with Laserfiche Documentation from the CRM interface. Clicking the Laserfiche tab located in Account, Contact, and Lead entities provides full access to corresponding documentation stored in Laserfiche.

This Integration utilizes Web Access functionality to upload or scan in documents, export electronic files and briefcases, create files and folders, and edit Template data.

The Administration Configuration Page allows for mapping between Laserfiche Template Fields and CRM Entity Attributes to optimize the searching within Laserfiche. Upload different Laserfiche briefcases per Account, Contact and Lead to create specific subfolder structures, in the event that the contact folder structure does not exist in Laserfiche. This feature ensures that users will find or create the appropriate contact within Laserfiche when using the Integration.


Unfetterfiche offers a variety of succinct ways to integrate with Laserfiche:

  • Includes an administration configuration options page to map CRM attributes to Laserfiche Template Fields to optimize searching.
  • Allows for full access interaction with respective Account, Contact, and Lead Documentation.
  • Utilizes Laserfiche Web Access functionality for document interaction.
  • Includes Scan, Upload, Edit, Export, Delete, and LF Search options for documents, folders, briefcases, and Template data.

Includes multiple capture options to integrate with a variety of programs:

  • URL capture option integrates with web application through hyperlinks
  • Supports WebLink or Web Access integration
  • Windows application capture option for desktop applications
  • Clipboard and Command Line capture options
  • Includes barcode creation via Dymo label printers to automatically file and index documents
  • Allows for the automatic indexing of information to new documents
  • Includes a search interface for finding relevant documents


Product Edition: V.1
Languages Supported: English
Required Laserfiche Products:

  • Laserfiche 8.0 or Higher
  • Web Access 8
  • IIS 6


Tamarac Integration with Laserfiche: $2,000.00

Tamarac Integration with Laserfiche—Annual Maintenance: $400.00


CDI is a document management solutions provider specializing in creative solutions using Laserfiche.  Proud to be partnered with Laserfiche since 2002, our trusted solutions, built by CDI, have benefited hundreds of Laserfiche users internationally. The CDI suite of products are designed around expanding the functionality of ECM through smarter integration.

CDI’s headquarters is based in Hudson, Wisconsin, and operates satellite offices in Eugene, Austin, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

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